Sunday, June 12, 2022

Your 15 minutes of fame can be stretched to a lifetime of fame. Find out for the 24th annual market season!!

First— put on your Española Farmers Market apron. If you don't have one, get it at the market headquarters table. Walk around the house and downtown. Be flashy. Tell everyone you meet about the market and how it's open from June 6th through October 31. The market hours are from 9 am to 2 pm. Spread the wprd about the music, the fabulous cooked food available, and the produce reasonably priced. And then brag about how you aren't interested in 15 minutes of fame. You're going to contribute a photo to the market blog. Or an authentic recipe as an example of New Mexico cuisine. Or a story starring you and family members. This will win even more friends and influence others. Your participation will have years of fame and fortune attached. We promise. Imagine how you will be assembling a New Mexico cookbook with family favorites made from produce at the market for a special event or holiday in 2022. Take a selfie of you in the kitchen cooking to add to your submission. You can be old or young. What do members of your family especially love? Something you prepared. Don't be invisible. Become famous. Tell people you're looking for others to do something similar. Get them involved. Submit your contribution to the Española Farmers Market blog. Expand your project to planning a holiday cookbook of family favorite recipes that you'll give as gifts to friends and family members. Take your contribution to Sabra Moore at the market headquarters table on Mondays and tell her to pass it on to market blog editor Marguerite who has been writing about the market news since 2007. Be specific and say you demand more than 15 minutes of fame by having something from your creative collection featured on the blog. REMEMBER: The Española Farmers Market is the best kept secret in the state.

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