Sunday, June 19, 2022

New Mexico chiles are a hit at the Española Farmers Market....

Some of our customers go to the Española Farmers Market for one thing...the heritage green chiles. They buy the chiles when they're fresh and when the market roasting is free. Get in line when the chiles are at their best. Free chile roasting is popular at the market when it's announced. And this doesn't happen often. So preare yourself like many families. You'll have frozen chiles fresh from the freezer all during the cold months until warm weather comes around again. There has been a lot of controversy about big corporate interests eager to cash in on the reputation of local chiles from New Mexico. But be aware that many of these announcements have profits in mind. They want the good stuff. So ask questions and make sure you're buying the best Northern New Mexico has to offer. There are many hardliners in Northern New Mexico that adore the organic heritage chiles. They keep a distance from the cheap imitations. And when a family members comes to visit from out of town, send them home with chiles that they can use later when they want a warm and fuzzy reminder of where they have come from. Chiles are a gift that keep on giving!

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