Monday, June 27, 2022

A HOMEMADE recipe book is something to pass onto the children and the grandchildren. . .

START NOW. KEEP A SECRET. USE THE 2022 SEASON TO PLAN A SPECIAL HOLIDAY GIFT FOR YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS. When you visit the Española Farmers Market in 2022, get started by buying produce to make a recipe book. How many times in your life have you wished that the special folks in your family have the key to their history and heritage? The farmers market holds the tradition of organic, heritage and authentic produce. It's our job to pass this on to the future. Make a recipe book of your own creation. Start with green peppers grown locally. Take a photo of them. Start making a recipe book with them. Add stories and family history. Buy seeds that are organic, heritage, and grown locally. Here are two authentic recipes for bell pappers in Spanish and English. Buy your organic bell peppers at the Española Farmers Market. Ask the grower. Make the grower part of your story. Buy heritage and organic seeds locally. Buy organic seeds online. Experiment with them at home. Set aside the recipe and start making a book for the 2022 upcoming holidays. when yoou gift your recipe book to loved ones. STTART NOW!

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