Sunday, June 5, 2022

We're opening for the 2022 Española Farmers Market season. Be dramatic. Leave the earth trembling under your feet!

The Española Farmers Market opens in 2022 on Mondays, starting June 6th, from 9 am to 2 pm. You aren't the first grower or the first customer for the Española Farmers Market. We have been showing up and having outdoor seasonal fun for years. This coming season we'll be chatting about local fresh produce and why it's necessary for us and our families and community. We have past images and videos on this humble web site that goes back to our first online presence on the world-wide web. Even so, the Española Farmers Market is a secret we've kept for us. This season is a celebration of what we offer that's unique. It's hard work growing. That's why we couldn't conduct an enterprise like a market year after year. Last season there were so many vehicles of locals purchasing at the market that it was difficult finding a parking place. We enjoyed the traditional music, the greeting of old friends, and the making of new ones.
We'll be talking this season about the importance of passing down recipes for dishes that warm the heart and soul. We'll emphasize why it's necessary to keep these recipes and stories alive and in shape to pass on. Volunteer as someone who will collect recipes as a fundraiser for your organization. Sell cookbooks. Make recipe books for yourself, friends and family members. Pass them on as gifts for younger people. Contribute to the Española Farmers Market blog and publish your own favorites. Welcome to the 2022 market season. Look for produce that's reasonable in price and valuable in terms of spirit. Have fun!

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