Friday, September 15, 2023

We're thinking of the cooler months ahead when we set aside fresh produce from the Española Farmers Market!

"We will have the Contest Day on October 9th and the closing Day Potluck lunch on October 30th. The Market is finally normal after this very odd growing season, and I expect it will be full of produce until the closing day." This is a comment by market coordinator Sabra Moore who's facing a list of challenges this season. Stay tuned for more.
Freezers are full of green chiles. Then certain families are planning to send frozen chiles from New Mexico all over the friends and relatives, of course. Some hard squash lasts through the early months of 2024. Line up and take one home between now and the end of October. And teach a young person the joys of growing, harvesting, and selling. It adds to the family's legacy. Nothing at a supermarket compares to what we offer.

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