Sunday, September 3, 2023

Labor Day Celebration on Monday at the Española Farmers Market

YOU KNOW THE DRILL...Without you and family members heading over to the Monday market, we wouldn't be able to deliver. The annual seasonal farmers market offers free chile roasting on Labor Day. Each market is the same and also different. We're part of a grand tradition...There are over 8,000 farmers' markets in the United States today. We represent a long tradition of folks who have set up shop indoors and outdoors in our communities. We grow. We harvest. We catch up with the news of family and friends. We feature local music, hold classes, keep the spirit alive. Labor Day at the market is big. It's anticipated, and we deliver what we know is a terrific contribution to the larger regional community. Shop for fruits and veggies, locally grown. Trade tips and what's great about the market. You can't get items so fresh and loved.

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