Sunday, September 25, 2022

You know that something special is going on at the Española Farmers Market!

"Beans are a magical fruit." A friend of the market said this at a recent dinner party with friends and family members. "You can open a can of beans and they taste like cardboard. But the way my grandmother makes them brings a hush to the meal when everyone passes the beans." Beans aren't an afterthought at the Española Farmers Market. Those of us making special recipe books for the upcoming holiday season will have at least one bean recipe. It's the spices and the contents that make beans a favorite of the guests at your table. Make sure you track down the winners of the biggest and best veggies grown in Northern New Mexico. You'll be glad you did. Buy their produce. Speak directly to the growers. They set up their sales tables with a lot of love. The Española Farmers Market is open through the end of October. Stay tuned for weekly messages and reminders from our market.

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