Sunday, September 18, 2022

What happens after the 2022 market season closes? We huddle to talk about plans for 2023...

The members of our board and special "others" get together after the market closes, and we share our joys and accomplishments. We speak about what went well and what needs to be changed. We share stories. We thank all of the volunteers and members of our board who get together and slap each other on the back...not so it hurts, but this is a ritual that reminds us of another year of accomplishments, the results of special grants and collaborations with community groups. We remember when we open and what happens after we close. We send our sympathies to those families who have lost a friend or family member during the past seaspn. We love the opportunity to get together. We remember our past celebrations over heritage chiles, our sharing of local recipes, our market aprons, the news about purchasing deals, the free books for young people, the chats we have with new and old friends, the live traditional music, the special programs for young people, our free chile roastings, and so much more.

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