Sunday, August 7, 2022

We are one of about 80 farmers' markets in New Mexico!

It's August, and there are plenty of locally grown fruits and veggies at the market.
Farmers' markets are all over the state, and we have been operating for so long that we've developed other programs including a youth program, an event to honor heritage chiles, free books for young people, a back garden for growing, traditional music, cooked food available for sale, a front garden, specialty food vendors, fresh produce right from the garden, generations of growers in one family, and more. When local folks visit, they're often guests at the market. Now we even have a bathroom on the property. And plans! We have plans for the future. Some markets across the US are crowded on the days they are open. Other markets have customers who feel like members of a family. This is said often about the Española Farmers Market. Join us We're open from June to October. 9-2 p.m.

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