Sunday, July 31, 2022

Summer squash at the Española Farmers Market are there for the cooking. . .

You drag the early squash into the kitchen and your first thought is— what am I going to do with these treasures? That's the challenge and a question like this is asked repeatedly throughout the season. Many solve the problem with stuffed squash, and the filling has to be a favorite to justify adding it to a family cookbook. What's a top seller in your family? One Northern New Mexico resident specializes in her grandmother's cooking. And if a certain dish made a hit in the past, chances are that it's going to be popular in the present and future. We've heard of former New Mexico veterans who have moved away, but they come home and make sure they ship the ingredients of their favorite local produce to where they live now. And how about you? Just because a family member lives somewhere else doesn't mean they don't want to grow their own. If you use heritage seeds, chances are good that you can enjoy New Mexican dishes now and then, and again and again.
We accept WIC, Senior WIIC, EBT (SNAP) and fresh RX as well as cash money. This season we are offering Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) for SNAP customers. Each time you swipe your SNAP card, you will get an equal amount of bonus DUFB for purchasing fruits and vegetables.

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