Saturday, August 3, 2019

Extra, Extra— Read all about the Española Farmers Market!

The season harvest continues to deepen- the first tomatoes appeared in the market last week so more may be on the way soon. There are many types of fruit- peaches, several varieties of plums, wild chokecherries plus other vegetables including  wild quelites, several varieties of potatoes and squash of every kind and size. Of course  we always have honey, jam, pastelitos, grass-fed lamb, horno baked bread, and other delights.

Every Monday morning, Don Bernardo y los Ultimos assemble to play fiddle, guitar, accordion and other traditional instruments and some mornings, David Garcia and Jeremiah Martinez surprise us and give another sweet concert with David's beautiful voice wafting lyrics in Spanish above the sounds of the accordion. Students will be cooking in the horno for their final visit before classes start up again and you can encounter an abundance of friendly conversations as visitors stop at all the booths.

PLEASE NOTE: Vendors can pick up a copy of the market rules at the market. Note that the market board voted last year on a new rule setting a 10-foot frontage space per vendor. Each market space must be no more than 100 square feet with the frontage limited to 10 linear feet. Please avoid oversized canopies.


Every market day the food program for young people continues with Dexter Trujillo funded by the Wildergreen Foundation. 

DID YOU KNOW? The Española Farmers Market can accommodate 34 vendors. The stalls face north/south. We're still active after more than two decades of operation.

We can't believe it's August already. And another month when the produce from the fields fills shopping bags galore. Some customers stock up for the winter by purchasing their chiles and then freezing them. Others go for the squash with thick skin that has a shelf life into the cooler months.

Young people remember that some of their favorite books were a perk form the Española Farmers Market. And good food. Juicy corn on the cob. Fresh tomatoes, onions, and cakes that make the kitchens of Northern New Mexico full of special aromas.

The memories of terrific music at the market, potlucks, heritage chile celebrations, and regional specialities you can't get anywhere else.

This deserves a special announcement. No wonder that the Española Farmers Market has received awards for its offerings and communications. Join us.

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