Friday, August 4, 2017

What are you planning for dinner? Stop by the farmers' market!

The Española Farmers Market YouTube channel has captured a lot of the market fun over the years.

The bathroom construction is in progress and we appreciate people understanding how this has affected our parking. But how wonderful it will be to have actual working bathrooms soon! Friday markets haven't materialized for this season, although Monday Market is brim-full with 29 vendors last week and the very first chiles coming in! Corn will be here soon. The market opens at 10 am. The period of nine to ten is only for vendor set-up.

When you visit us early on Monday mornings, you'll get the pick of the crop for dinner during the week. We've waited all year for the summer market, and now it's here. Take advantage of it! We have all the same perks and benefits as during other season markets.

This year has special quirks with the planting and harvest. Slight variations in weather can make a huge difference. Visit us, and plan what's for dinner. And check our YouTube channel for images of past markets. We have music, we have free books for children, and special deals!

Musicians right before and after lunch make the farmers' market colorful, fun, and playful. Double up continues. Try us. You'll like us! The growers are your friends and neighbors!

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