Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Jim Beverwyk

Damien Turner

The Espanola Farmers Market couldn't get by without its vendors who plant and harvest with tender loving care, the board members, the children who come with their parents to get books and shop with their parents, the sponsors of the oval gardens, the shoppers, and the behind-the-scenes volunteers whose tender loving care adds to the mix of keeping the Espanola Farmers Market alive and healthy.

Meet two of our volunteers: Damien Turner, who has been volunteering since the beginning of the season and stops by every Monday to pitch in, as well as Jim Beverwyk, who's seen in the photo above setting up the signs around town so that everyone knows the market is alive and well. Wave to Jim and Damien and let them know how much they're appreciated. And if you'd like to help out too, stop by the manager's table and speak to Sabra Moore.

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