Sunday, August 22, 2010


This season at the Espanola Farmers Market we'll have our own horno. Hornos are a small squat oval hollowed mound that used to be found in every household in the region. Now they're still seen in the area and they're still used for many purposes. primarily, they're used for making chicos and bread. Stop by the market and watch the progression as young people from our community learn first hand about building a horno.
Yes, the vegetables are plentiful and delicious. There's nothing like fresh tomatoes and corn just picked from the ground. MMmm.

Volunteers are tending the ovals devoted to flowers and flowering plants. Last week another volunteer stepped forward and said she appreciated the opportunity to teach her five year old son about gardening. It's small enough not to be overwhelming and large enough for him to get a taste of getting his hands dirty and watching things grow.

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