Monday, October 24, 2022

We're getting ready to close the season until 2023! Give us a hand. . .

There is one recipe and one product we love to cheer about. Squash. Our recioe is for pumpkin. It doesn't matter. It is also called Spanish squash. We have summer and winter squash at the market. And the winter squash has a shell so thick that it lasts months into the future when it's stored in a cool place. It can be made into a veggie dish with seasonings. It can be transformed into soups and pies. It's local. It's delicious. Many families in Northern New Mexico depend on their locally-grown squash and pumpkins. You've seen these recipes before in Spanish and English. There are so many ways to use squash that we've been asked this year to repeat the recipes. Here they are.
We accept WIC, Senior WIIC, EBT (SNAP) and fresh RX as well as cash money. This season are offering Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB) for SNAP customers. Each time you swipe your SNAP card, you will get an equal amount of bonus DUFB for purchasing fruits and vegetables.

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