Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Our Española Farmers Market short film is being viewed around the world!

Who would have thought that our farmers market film would be viewed around the world? Earlier this year, Films for Change, a digital platform from Australia chose you and me and the folks of Northern New Mexico with our apples and squash and corn and onions and more to feature.

We were thrilled with the news last year about being chosen as the Best Farmers Market during the 2019 celebration at the New Mexico state capitol building during Food and Farms Day at the legislature.

Then we were delighted once more when New Mexico Press Women gave us a first-place award for our blog in 2019. We competed nationally for the National Federation of Press Women and received a third-place standing of entries across the US.

A plentiful supply of corn is expected soon. Many of the growers at the Española Farmers Market consider themselves part of the long tradition in Northern New Mexico of food production. Planting started in spring of this year and the results have been laid out for customers with masks and social distancing. Only the vendors are handling the food.


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Española Farmers Market said...

If there's a farmers' market that is close to the grassroots, it's us. WE had to restrict the comments because of the spam. And then we got real comments from our customers and growers. What a difference.