Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Get ready for the opening of the Española Farmers Market!

Folks from Northern New Mexico have been calling us on the phone. Will the market open? Can we get our favorite chiles to last through the cold weather? Yes. And there will be changes, as you probably expect because of the pandemic guidelines. Make sure you show up with a mask and observe the safety requirements of social distancing. You'll get the idea when you're here. And be patient. Much produce has been available earlier than usual. And the chiles will be here too, later this summer. It will be worth the wait for a big bowl of green chile stew!

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Española Farmers Market said...

There are a lot of folks around the area who are upset about big corporations stealing our heritage chiles and then screwing up the products so they can make money.That's why our heritage chile celebrations each year have been so popular. We may look content, but under the surface we're upset about factory food.