Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Meet farmers and growers at the farmers' market!

If you shop commercial food outlets, rarely will you meet the farmers and growers. Some folks would even say, "It's impossible."

This isn't the case when you shop the farmers' market. Surprise yourself with what's in season. Tell friends and family members— "See you at the market!"

We are open Mondays, ten to five, throughout the 2018 season that ends in late October. TIP: Get there early on market days before the good stuff is gone.

Española Farmers Market will be hosting the 19th annual BIGGEST VEGETABLE AND BEST POEM Contest this year. Growers active at the market can enter their impressive vegetables in the following categories: Biggest heirloom pumpkin, Biggest root vegetable, Biggest chile, Oddest vegetable, Wild card vegetable, Prettiest ristra, Best corn, Biggest sunflower head or dried gourd. Already the growers are watching carefully to see what they can submit in the range of categories. Customers and community members love the big celebration once a year... always in October.

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