Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The joy of following food from seed to sack!

We're getting ready for the 2017 Española Farmers Market where you'll meet old friends and new friends of all ages. At no other place in town are people joining together over food and smiles like this. The take away is abundant. There's a great social life possible at the famers' market. Folks tap their toes to the live music while they're filling up sacks of fresh food. The vendors are smiling too. Why? It's an enormous accomplishment to follow the food from seed to sack.

Watch a video from our YouTube channel and see the market come alive. The drama changes from week to week. We're reminded of the changing seasons and the vitality that comes with it.

Here's one of the videos showing real people and the joy the market spreads. Don't forget about the children's book exchange. Visiting the market is a tradition in some area families. For questions about the market, call 505-685-4842.

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