Thursday, August 4, 2016

Honest sweat goes into the produce available weekly!

The word has been spreading about the sweat and love and joy that goes into growing and selling the produce available at the Española Farmers Market. We've been doing this for 20 years here in Northern New Mexico. Twenty years ago when we got started, a farmers' market was a novelty. We led the way and have shown people all over the country that we mean business when it comes to great food.

Our best produce isn't covered with plastic wrap at the grocery store. That may be fine after the growing season is over. But we get to handle the squash, pick over the best cukes, chat with the producers. Many of them are our own friends and neighbors. And when you stop by, listen to the great music, pick a book at the main table for the young ones, and talk to the growers. You'll get a sense of being in a hub of vitality.

Some of our customers are from out of the area. They want more than to go to the usual tourist spots where they don't get to know the people who live here. Everyone is friendly at the Española Farmers' Market. Our growers are committed to sustainable agriculture and community-based fun.

Support the Espaõla Farmers Market. Look for the bilingual recipe cards that have great suggestions about how to prepare some of the unique New Mexico produce. Stroll around the wildflower garden and see how the soil is being prepared to host magnificent flowers. Wander beyond the plaza to check out what's growing in the far plot. Every market offers something new!

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