Friday, July 1, 2016

Radio program: Behind the scenes at the Española Farmers Market!

We made the college radio and what fun! Check it out and don't forget the July 4th market!

The Española Farmers Market just doesn't pop up every season without a great deal of preparation going into it. The work goes on all year long in terms of the networking and planning. There are folks who stop by regularly to share information and news. Planting has been ongoing in the small gardens in the front of the market and annual maintenance is essential. Many thanks to everyone who helped get the market  ready for 2016.

For each market Monday, signs are placed at strategic locations all over town so that everyone is reminded that it's Monday. There are grants to apply for each year. Plus so many folks to thank who have made special contributions, like our musicians and vendors.

And all through of this, there's participation by a wide range of individuals like you.

In addition to volunteers, many donate what's needed to keep the market going, and those whose questions need to be answered. If you're brimming with questions, stop by the administration table and speak to Sabra or Norma.. Also, drop by the main table for some shade and an opportunity to visit. Find out about the bilingual recipe cards. You'll be glad you did! 

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