Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Enter your photo to win a $200 prize and your photo could be featured in a 2012 acequia calendar published by the NM Acequia Association. Deadline: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 5thThis includes ancient engineering features and characteristics of the past - old structures like a wooden canova (flume) for example; old tools; or machinery, illustrating the acequia landscape from a historical perspective. Acequias Present: Photos in this category can include the more contemporary features of acequias and the acequia landscape including greenhouses, or new construction projects. Acequias Future: Be creative with this category. It's meant to be a chance to provide an optimistic view of New Mexico acequias in the future. For example, a photo of youth planting the fields would represent the future of acequias. Youth:This category is specifically for photos submitted by youth (up to age 20). We encourage our youth to participate by submitting acequia photos following the past, present, and future themes.  Submissions must be submitted electronically in high resolution JPEG format. Please email photos to quita@lasacequias.org and include the following information: Name of photographer, Acequia, NameRegion (if applicable)Town,County,Photo Description. Participants are limited to one photo per category.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION: The Congreso de las Acequias is the state-wide governing body of the NM ACEQUIA ASSOCIATION, comprised of regional delegates across the state. The annual meeting is held in the fall of each year to pass resolutions that guide the strategic direction of the NMAA, and to elect the eleven-member Concilio. More folks are joining each year who are dedicated to the cause. The NMAA hopes to continue building the movement throughout the state, protecting our land and water resources for future generations of acequia farmers and ranchers.
The 2012 Congreso de las Acequias, "New Mexico Centennial: Acequias Past, Present, and Future" will be held at the Lodge at Santa Fe on Saturday, November 17th. Mark your calendar!

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