Monday, July 11, 2011

Slow start for Espanola Farmers Market, but plenty of everything

Bad spring weather, the drought, and the wildfires that put a strain on the area's water supply. . .all of these added up to a slow start for the Espanola Farmers' Market. But don't let that stop us! There's plenty for everyone. Fire up the grill for veggies. And if you're too busy, stop by the market for home-cooked food prepared right there. It's the same as you can whip up at home and an inspiration as to what's possible. Work is ongoing in the market garden and a schedule for summer activities to be announced soon.
Edith Lopez visits the administration tent where articles about the Espanola Farmers Market are kept in a loose-leaf notebook. When asked, she points out her photo in the Espanola newspaper from as far back as 2005. Young people often come to the market with their parents and grandparents to hang out for the day.
Mmmm. There's nothing like speaking to the growers themselves. Chances are they'll tell you about getting up early on market day and all the work involved in getting the produce ready for sale. And a great deal of the offerings can't be purchased in any supermarkets around the area.

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