Monday, October 11, 2010


Silvia Ernestina Vergara of Dixon, NM may be best known for her preserves, but that's changing because of the other offerings she has spread over her table at the Farmers Market. She's motivated by being kind to the earth in the production of her Heirloom Apple Tea (apple, mint and mulberry), sprouted mung beans and a Spice Herb Blend that is sensational, in part because it's made with tender loving care and also because it's just plain delicious. She's also branching out in making cider and vinegar too. Her mother, who's 101 years old, tastes and comments on Silvia's creations. And it's not only what's delicious and good for you that Silvia talks about when you visit her at the market. This summer the community of Dixon put on its first musical opera which tapped the talents of a cross section of Dixon, including Silvia. And Silvia's eager to share her stories and poetry with you as well.

Other products by Silvia: Wild Cherry Chile Jam, Green Chile Lemon Marmalade, Wild Mint Lemon Jelly, Pure Apple Cider Syrup, Wild Cherry Syrup, Plum Preserves and La Carreta Reserve Products.

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