Sunday, July 4, 2010


From July 5th through August 23rd, a new horno will be in the process of construction at the Espanola Farmers Market. Dexter Trujillo will build the horno with four local students. When completed, it will be used to bring a taste of tradition to the market. A horno is a small squat oval hollowed mound that was once part of every household for cooking outdoors. Today an horno is commonly used for making chicos and bread. Horno-baked bread is available at some farmers' markets. Watch this blog for how hornos have been used in the Espanola Valley.

The farmers' market was off to a slow start this year because of the late spring and cool weather. This week is a turning point. Come for a wider selection of vegetables. And if you love locally-grown greens, come early. The greens are sold out quickly in the morning starting at 10 a.m.

It's not too late to adopt an oval for planting flowers at the market. Join those who have already signed up: Sepaphine and Elefio Montoya (two ovals), Glenna Dean (two ovals), Cindy Manzanares, Susie Lucero, Lucia Sanchez. Five ovals are still available.

Grass-fed beef (USDA Scottish cattle) is another extra this summer from the Soaring Eagle Ranch in Los Ojos.

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