Tuesday, August 4, 2009


A sunny day yesterday. More vendors than usual at the farmers' market. And so much to buy. Good thing there was an empty shelf in the fridge at home or it would not have fit. I tried, really tried to keep my purchases at $10 tops, but I couldn't resist the temptation.

At Monday's market I walked away with fresh beans, flowers, three kinds of squash, onions, garlic, corn, peaches, cukes and a chipote-garlic sauce from Moon Dance Farms. The word about the Espanola Farmers Market is getting around, and at ten o'clock as the market opened, the parking lot was full.

The gardens tended by the young people of Espanola are beautifully landscaped and one thing was for sure. People looked well fed and happy from the local bounty.

Driving home, my car was filled with an aroma like none other. MMMmm. You don't get the smell of freshly-picked produce at the supermarket. It filled the car. Yes, it was indeed intoxicating!

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