Friday, August 29, 2008


"Indian-Made Bread Banned From Espanola Farmers Market" is an article featured this week in the Rio Grande Sun. The Coriz family has been selling traditional bread, cookies and pies baked in their hornos at Santo Domingo Pueblo at the market for the past seven years, but last week, inspectors from the NM Environment Department asked Brenda Coriz to leave the market.

Brenda has a food safety certificate issued by the Indian Health Service, but the New Mexico Environment Department does not recognize the validity of that certificate outside of tribal lands. This narrow ruling could affect all Pueblo bakers who sell their delicious horno breads and cookies in farmers' markets, from food stands along the roads, at fiestas in Santa Fe and throughout the state.

A tribal-state task force has now been formed to look into this matter, in part in response to the actions taken against Brenda Coriz. Market Manager Sabra Moore is hopeful that this task force responds quickly and looks forward to the Coriz family once again selling their fine horno baked goods at the market.

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