Monday, July 23, 2007


We're part of a national movement of farmers' markets. And we're going strong since 1993. Check out the larger picture in the nation by clicking here.

Is it time to plant a final crop for the season? Is frost in the forecast? How is the weather and time of year expected to impact the produce sold at the Espanola Farmers' Market? If you want an up-to-date weather report, visit this link.

Heirloom squash grown by Daniel Martinez in Ojo Caliente won a prize in an annual Farmers Market contest (2000) for the biggest vegetable.
Terry Mulert of Cordova landed a prize with the following poem:
don't walk naked in the garden tonight

before light the poppy blooms
and petals tremble in the breeze

people appear out of warm beds

with sleep in their pockets
and rain in their eyes


we expect to harvest peaches and beans
and anything green that doesn't move

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